Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I am Pei, a nerd by day and a dreamer by night. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m happily married since 2014. The year is 2016 and I just hit 30 last year. While reminiscing about my past 30 years of life, I’ve realised that I don’t actually remember much. The human brain afterall is not perfect. As I’ve aged, I’ve also begin to wonder if what I have done so far in my life is all that I can do. We often live in a life where we are so preoccupied with our day jobs that we pretty much don’t do anything else anymore other than that.

This blog was made as a reminder and a motivation for me to experiment different things in life that interests me that I have never gotten the chance to pursue. I am by no means a professional in the things that I’ll be experimenting. Hopefully, with some dedication, practice and sheer luck, I will get to produce something full proof that I’m happy with. This is is a lifestyle blog mainly of experimenting food, travel, photography/videography and possibly some arts/crafts. I also love reading books, listening to music and watching movies and therefore will also write my own reviews on these topics occasionally.

Please follow my blog and comment/share any of your thoughts with me.


You can reach me at : experimentsbypei@gmail.com


Keep experimenting! – Pei-


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