Photography project: Engagement photoshoot

A couple of months ago while having dinner with my lil bro and his gf, we suddenly talked about trying out couple photoshoots like engagement or pre-wedding photography. Photography is our common topic but we never really thought about taking couple photos or have someone model for us as subjects. We did however want to take our photography to another level and would like to try it out. That’s when my lil bro’s gf jokingly said, “Well, the best bet will be May and Ivan I guess since they are prob the ones closest to getting engaged”. See I’m married, a lot of my friends are too, and, she’s right, May and Ivan are probably the closest friend I had at the moment that are the closest to an engagement (they are of that age and seem quite steady after all :)). True enough, literally a few weeks after that, May announced her engagement to me. The idea of having them as our photography models came back in my mind and so I asked her if she would like us to help her take some photos, partly/mainly for our own study and experimentations. To our delight, they accepted the offer and I immediately told my brother the news.

Photography by Pei (
Behind the scenes

Whilst both of us are very into photography, we haven’t really do it in such seriousness. The fact that you want to make sure you are able to produce the best quality photos you can that are somewhat on par with the professionals are always at the back of our minds because let’s face it, you don’t want to waste your friends’ time. Every photoshoot no matter how “casual” it is, is, still a photoshoot and time and effort are put into it. They had to think about their wardrobe for the photoshoot, the make up, the hair, and the props. They will also need to spend a whole day if not two with you for the photoshoot, going from one location to another. So in a way, both of us really took this quite seriously and took this opportunity to do our best.

Photography by Pei (
Lil bro: “When you don’t have a gimbal, use your tripod with your head”.

We thought about themes, locations, colours and make up to match the theme, and most important of all, what kind of lighting we need for the different locations. We are not sure what kind of weather we have for the photoshoot day. You can only hope that you have a somewhat nice weather that is not too harsh or not too dull. The weather that day? It was not great but not the worst. We had an overcast in the morning with very cloudy sky. I actually don’t mind working with overcast because the sun is not too harsh on your subject and also doesn’t cause any imbalanced shadow or highlight at different parts of the photo. However, it did rain in between. But that’s okay. I guess I was most bumped with the sunset timing. See, daylight savings just ended a couple of weeks before and suddenly we have sun setting at 5-ish instead of 7 or 8PM. Not helping that our last location was a forest and it became quite dim even around 4PM. If anything, I wished we had more time in the forest because there’s so many more things we can do in there before light became an issue. That being said, we took that opportunity to try out other things with flash, backlight off camera flash, and also using led lamps as props for a different effect. If only we had a second flash too, that would probably helped for certain situations.

Photography by Pei (
Lil Bro “directing” the next Fast9 movie (haha)

Here are some of my favourites we took that day. Tell me what you think in the comment section below 🙂

Photography by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei ( by Pei (


Picnic themed location: George Tindale Memorial Gardens, Mt Dandenongs, Victoria
Forest themed location: East Warburton Sequoia Forest, Victoria

Fujifilm XT1 with Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2
Nikon D7000 with Tokina AT-X 11-16mm f/2.8 DXII
GLANZ 5 in 1 reflector 110cm
Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlite

Photos and edits: Mix of my lil bro and mine.

Couple: May and Ivan

Thanks for reading, til the next post, keep experimenting~!





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