Movie review: Kimi No Na Wa


Warning: Spoilers alert!

Acknowledgements: All illustrations not mine (for obvious reasons)

Kimi no na wa (君の名は) which translates as “Your name” is a Japanese animated movie that has just been released a few months ago and has captured the hearts of many Japanese youngsters and anime lovers alike. It’s a story written by Makoto Shinkai who first wrote the story in a novel format and later made it into an animated film in collaboration with CoMix Wave Films.



I first heard about this movie from Weibo, a chinese based twitter like social media app and what intrigued me the most was the fact that the illustrators has used many actual places in Japan as references for the animation. For a full list of actual places that you can visit (if you wish) that was featured in the movie, head to this link! <-click


Another thing that captured my attention was the illustrations. I love japanese anime. The way anime are illustrated always gave this dreamy/fantasy feeling. A lot more than what a disney movie would give me. The depth of details they put into it is so admirable. If you are a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work, I think you will like this movie too. If you are a big fan of anime and haven’t watched this movie yet, all i can is, GO WATCH IT NOW!


The most important part of any movie as we all agree, is the storyline itself. Before I watched this movie, I knew that the movie was roughly about a boy and a girl somehow woke up with their bodies swapped. I didn’t think too much about the plot before I watched it and thought it could just be a comical or life changing experience for both youths learning life through different circumstances. It was a little bit like that, but there’s more to it then just that. It suddenly evolved into a mysterious time travel romance story and the protagonists were connected by this mysterious comet event that left me both spine chillingly anxious  yet thoroughly moved and touched by the timings of the plot and the events that unfold. It didn’t occur to me the meaning of the name of the movie until the very last scene and it all made sense. I don’t like to spoil too much for ppl who hasn’t watched it but I’ll give a small hint.. they both lost their memories of each other after the comet event but knew that there’s something or someone that they have been looking for (fast forward 7 years later) and when they finally saw each other, they both knew what they were looking for all these while and asked “Kimi no na wa”.  That part was good. I totally give credits to Shinkai for writing such a good plot of events that slowly unravels and unfolds. If there’s anything that I would complain about this movie is the ending… it’s too freaking short! After giving me the anxiety for almost half of the movie, you gave me a 2 minutes reunion?! Haa… but it’s all good. It’s still a great movie and I sincerely recommend everyone to watch it. My favourite scene? The “kataware doki” or, twilight moment as they are finally able to meet each other for the first time for a brief moment and when that pen dropped my head went “shit!”. So good. So brilliantly executed.


Have you watched the movie? Do you like anime in general? I hope this review will inspire you to give this movie a shot. I’m not sure if it’ll be available in the cinemas where you live but it’ll definitely be available online or in DVDs. A quick google search should do. Tip: find those in native Japanese with English subtitles.


Til the next post, keep experimenting~!



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