Building our first home

I am very excited to announce that we have just got our first home! We bought a land and is building our house from scratch! I hope to document our journey as much as I can and so will have a new “Home & Living” section in the blog where I share my journey as well as inspirations I see on the internet.

Photography by Pei (
Our empty plot of land

Our land title has been settled which means we can start building our house anytime. We have researched and walked through a couple of display homes by different builders and have decided to go with “Boutique Homes”. One of the main reason I went with them was because of their practical layout, their flexibility to shift the layout around as well as the quality of build and the wide range of great options for the “standard” inclusions.

Photography by Pei (
Boutique homes display homes inspo: Love the colours as a featured wall in the bedroom.

We have just had our colours and electrical appointments where we finalised our selection for the colours and materials for our facade, from the walls, to concrete pavements, to garage doors and roof tiles, to the wooden floorings and carpets for the interior down to the detail of types of tiles, cabinetry and ceasarstone tops for the bath, kitchen and laundry! The process is a lo of fun but a lot harder than I first thought. It’s easy to go through pinterest and houzz (superb app for home ideas btw) and save what you like but it’s so much harder to actually choose what you want (and at the same time, stay within the budget). Electrical was a little easier although there were times too that we couldn’t make up our mind. I’m glad it’s all done now!

Photography by Pei (
Boutique homes display homes inso: White Kitchen with glass splashbacks. Yup, just how I like them!

The build itself will take approximately 6-8 months and we are hoping that we would be able to move in by September next year. It’s very exciting and scary at the same time when getting your first home. Not knowing what to expect and not doing enough homework are the main setbacks. We did have a lot of hiccups initially but I’m so glad we are over that phase and I’m really looking forward to finally see all the things we have prepared for the last couple of months getting into place.

Photography by Pei (
Boutique homes display homes inso: Love this! The grey matte tiles, the white ceasarstone tops and wood finished cabinetries. Exactly what I’m aiming for.

For my interiors, I’m aiming for a modern yet cosy scandinavian look. There will be lots of woods, lots of grey and white and splash of pastels here and there. There’s so many things we will need to do slowly over a few years may be to finally be what we ultimately wanted it to be. It’s going to be a slow process but I’m excited as it is. 🙂

Photography by Pei (
Boutique homes display homes inspo: Love the simplicity of this outdoor living. The wooden decks, the grey toned tables and benches and the modern white vases.

I’m currently so obsessed with home decor related things! I can finally buy things that I can use for decorations and wouldn’t need to be told by the hubs that “the apartment is too small, we don’t need this or it’s hard to move with so many things”. I’m going to be so broke (lol).

PS: All the pictures above were taken by me while I was visiting the display home units made by “Boutique Homes”. If you are living in Victoria, Australia and is considering to build your house, I highly recommend you to give them a go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It’s a little unusual from my usual travel posts. I’ll be doing a lot more of different lifestyle related posts from now on so stay tuned!

Til the next post, keep experimenting~!



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