Japanese Kit Kats

Before our trip to Japan, I had no idea that Japanese are quite crazy with their kit kats. I knew that they had matcha (green tea) flavoured ones because you can get them pretty easily in any local asian marts here in Melbourne. So when I was doing some research on “must buys” in Japan, I found out that there’s like almost more than.. I don’t know.. 25 or more of them? Some flavours are also limited to certain regions of Japan depending on where the main ingredient/flavour is produced or manufactured in Japan.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Japanese Kit kats

The flavours are so interesting that it became my mission to try as many flavours as I can so I bought one box of each flavour, whichever I can find. There’s a souvenirs shop right opposite the famed Rokurinsha ramen store in Tokyo station that provides quite an extensive number of flavours. Other stores in Japan mainly sell the usual matcha ones which is also less expensive than the other flavours.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
All individually wrapped

Here, I’ve brought back 9 diff flavours: Wasabi, Japanese Purple Sweet Potato, Strawberry Cheesecake, Kankitsu ougon blend (Perfect balanced citrus), Itohkyuemon roasted tea, Rum and raisin, Shinshu Apple, Amaou strawberry, and, a bakeable kitkat (which i thought was cheese, but it wasn’t)

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
9 japanese kit kat flavours. First row from left to right: Wasabi, bakeable kitkat, strawberry cheesecake; second row: roasted tea, citrus blend, strawberry; third row: sweet potato, apple, rum and raisin.

Here are my thoughts on each flavour from the order of worst to best. Please note that these are just my on opinion and everyone probably have a different taste bud.

9. Bakeable kit kat
This was probably the worst flavour. Didn’t help that I thought it was cheese flavoured so when I finally took the time to bake it and consume it, instead of a cheesy sensation, I had a very caramelised and artificial sweet kinda taste. Probably would not have bought it if I knew it wasn’t cheese so it was my fault. The baking effect was pretty poor too. According to their official video on how to bake it, you’re supposed to bake it without preheating the oven (otherwise it would melt before you even caramelise it). I did exactly that but mine still melted. My verdict: unless you really like sweet stuff, this is probably not your flavour.

8. Rum and raisin.
This was made with a white chocolate coating so it’s kind of sweet. What was really disappointing to me is that it didn’t really taste anything like rum and raisin. Don’t really know how to describe the taste. I wouldn’t recommend buying this if you have limited budget for your souvenirs.

7. Kankitsu Ougon Blend (Perfect balance citrus)
That was the “official” name given for that flavour from the Japan Kit kat website. It’s a blend of orange, lemon and lime. The kit kat is orange in colour and smell quite orangey. To be honest it wasn’t bad. It was just very normal. There’s lots of waffle biscuits in the market that’s coated with chocolate and orange cream and that’s exactly how it tasted like. The fact that they used white chocolate for the coating too made it a little bit on the sweeter side.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)

6. Amaou Strawberry
Similar to the orange flavour above, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t super good. It was normal. But I did enjoy this flavour more than the orange ones.

5. Strawberry cheesecake.
This flavour was okay. It has a little cheesecake aftertaste. However, I couldn’t really taste the strawberry in it. Having said that, it’s a fair flavour and I wouldn’t mind eating them.

4. Shinshu Apple
This flavour was actually pretty good and strong. Once you open the wrapper, you can definitely smell the apple. It’s also done in darker milk chocolate as opposed to the usual white chocolate coating. It’s still a little bit on the sweeter side for me but I thought it was pretty good

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Wasabi Flavour

3. Wasabi flavour
Now, a lot of you might be disgusted with the fact that they put wasabi as a chocolate flavour. It’s actually not that bad in my opinion and definitely will score some brownie points with friends when you share them. The wasabi flavour is pretty mild but you do taste a tinge of it. It is so mild that you won’t get any of the nose reflux feeling you get eating actual wasabi. So if you’re thinking to buy something as souvenirs for friends and family, get this flavour as everyone will be quite curious with it.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Itohkyuemon roasted tea

2. Itohkyuemon roasted tea
I loved this flavour. Probably even more so than the usual matcha flavoured ones. The roasted tea was quite strong and it was done so well in my opinion because it wasn’t too sweet. It tasted like a pretty good milk tea with a strong black tea. I like this flavour a lot. Get them if you see them! I think they are a kyoto specialty flavour but as I’ve said, I bought this in the souvenir shop in tokyo station. I don’t think I saw this flavour in the airport tho so you might need to hunt this flavour down a little bit.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Japanese purple sweet potato

1.  Japanese Purple sweet potato
This flavour was hands down my favourite out of the nine. I kept thinking it was taro/yam flavoured because of the colour. It’s clearly sweet potato once you eat it. The sweetness is again mild and blended very well with the sweet potato flavour. I really really like this flavour. You will see a lot of purple sweet potato flavoured things in Japan  and if you like them, you will definitely like these. The hubs didn’t like this as much as me, but then again, he was a hard core “chocolate” kinda person. In fact, he didn’t really enjoy any of these flavours as much as the regular kitkat flavours. But this is not about normal kit kat. It’s about experiencing different flavours from a country that you don’t visit everyday. Lols.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Best 3 of 9 flavours.

So there you have it. My thoughts on 9 out of the many different Japanese kit kat flavours available. I am yet to try the pudding flavoured one. I love Japanese pudding/purin. It’s kinda like flan. Although, I have a feeling it’s going to be sweet one again. Oh wells, I’ll leave that judgement once I’ve tasted the real thing myself.

Till the next post, keep experimenting~!



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