Japan Trip, an Overview

Here’s an attempt to write out an outline of my recent Japan trip. I will eventually write specific posts on certain topics.


  • Depart from KL to Tokyo
  • Reach Haneda airport at 10:30PM local time
  • Checked into Hotel Imalle Haneda for the night
  • Went to a nearby 7 eleven (My first experience in a Japanese Kombini)



  • Checked out from Hotel Imalle Haneda
  • Took the train/subway to Shinjuku station
  • Rented a car (impromptu) due to the good weather. Lucky to get one!
  • Went to Lake Kawaguchigo, saw the magnificent Mt. Fuji
  • Ate local Houtou noodles which was SO GOOD!
  • Went to the Chureito Pagoda where the famed pic of mt fuji + pagoda +sakura was taken.
  • Checked into Airbnb apartment in Shinjuku.
  • Awesome dinner at Niboshi Ramen, Shinjuku
  • Bought snacks from a nearby kombini



  • Hot water problem in our apartment (not happy gent)
  • Had breakfast in a bakery downstairs
  • Walked around Shinjuku – metropolitan gov building
  • Walked to Yoyogi park
  • Saw Meiji Shrine
  • Walked to Harajuku and had crepes
  • Cooked our own Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki at Sakura Tei
  • Walked to Omotesando and saw many great architectural buildings
  • Took the train to Shibuya (so many ppl)
  • Muji was HUGE, it even had a cafe.
  • Bought my Supra women shoes in PARCO
  • Went back to shinjuku and had our yakitori dinner in Omoide Yokocho (what an experience)
  • walked through the red light district in Shinjuku
  • bought snacks from a nearby kombini



  • Took the train to Tsukiji market
  • Love the daifuku, ate uni rice (sea urchins), had big fat juicy grilled scallops
  • took the bus to Odaiba
  • bought some stuff from a supermarket
  • Saw the statue of liberty and Gundam
  • Took the train to Yokohama
  • Osanbashi pier was pretty cool
  • Had Japanese curry rice in Coco Curry (CocoIchibanya)
  • Went to Chinatown in Yokohama and saw Malaysian Lion dance troupe performing (lol?)
  • bought more stuff from a supermarket
  • back in shinjuku – golden gai



  • had instant ramen for breakfast
  • went to Asakusa – sensoji
  • Had awesome ramen at asakusa
  • Walked to Kappabashi Kitchen town but it was closed 😦
  • Walked to Ueno Park
  • Took the train to Yanaka and bought lotsa mini whiskey!
  • Took the train to Akihabara
  • Went back to shibuya for sushi train dinner



  • went to hipster town in Tokyo
  • Super cold day
  • Went to Ropponggi and had really good ramen at Menya Musashi ramen
  • Walked to Ropponggi Hills
  • Snowed!!
  • Took the bus back to Shinjuku
  • Did our laundry in a laundromat in Shinjuku
  • Pack for kyoto



  • checked out airbnb apt in Shinjuku
  • took the Hikari shinkansen to Kyoto! Ate ekiben in the shinkansen
  • Kyoto station is HUGE!
  • Took the hotel transfer to ANA crowne hotel.
  • walked alotttttt  – Nijo castle, Heian Shrine, Philisopher’s path, Yasaka Shrine
  • Took the taxi to Honke Owariya where we had really good Soba for dinner
  • Chill in our hotel for the night.



  • checked out of our hotel early in the morning. Left our luggages in the hotel.
  • Took the train to Arashiyama
  • Had pretty crappy breakfast in front of the bamboo grove
  • Bamboo grove was filled with tourists.
  • Walked to many different shrines. Love the shrines. Found a hidden bamboo grove in a shrine.
  • Walk to the river, famous noodles stall by the river was closed.
  • It was a pretty cold day.
  • bought miscl food to eat
  • Took train back to Kyoto, check into our airbnb apt
  • Went to Nishiki market for dinner
  • bought bread for breakfast



  • Had bread for breakfast
  • Kimono rental experience
  • Walked around old kyoto in a kimono
  • Had lunch in Hisago (famous for their Oyakodon)
  • Ishibe alley, ninenzaka, sanenzaka and Kiyomizudera temple didn’t disappoint.
  • Had soy bean + matcha ice cream
  • Had kombini store food for dinner (YS had Omurice, I had Katsudon)
  • Chill at home at night



  • Had breakfast at home
  • took the shinkansen to Osaka
  • Saw the Umeda Sky BUilding
  • Went to the Takoyaki museum
  • Had Kushiage from a friendly uncle’s stall in Shinsekai
  • Saw the Osaka Castle
  • Saw the glico man in Dotonbori
  • Took the shinkansen back to Kyoto
  • Drop by a local supermarket (favourite supermarket, it has everything) and bought snacks and breakfast for the next few days
  • Had snacks and chilled at home



  • Pouring day
  • Took the train to Fushimi Inari taisha
  • Climbed for 2 hours.
  • Took the train to Nara
  • Still pouring
  • Saw the crazy man who beats the crap outta his mochi in Nara
  • Saw lotsa deers in Nara
  • Still pouring.
  • Had dinner in Kyoto station
  • Went home and took a hot bath.
  • Did our laundry but the dryer wasn’t working -.-
  • Dried our clothes with hairdryer and heater, wish for the best



  • Quickly packed our luggage. Thank god they are dry
  • Checked our from airbnb apt, took the bus to kyoto station
  • bought ekiben, took the shinkansen to Tokyo
  • Checked in APA hotel
  • Went and que for an hour for Shake Shack
  • Walked to Tokyo Tower
  • Last snack from Kombini



  • Checked out APA hotel, left luggage in hotel
  • Went to Akihabara and bought lotsa souvenirs, gachapons
  • Had awesome curry rice in a local curry rice specialty shop in akihabara
  • Went to Tokyo Station
  • Saw the outsides of the Imperial castle
  • Back in the station; Bought lotsa souvenirs – tokyo banana, kitkats, sweet potato tarts etc etc etc
  • Had our last ramen meal in Rokurinsha
  • Back to the hotel and stuffed our luggage crazy with the souvenirs.
  • Took the train to Haneda airport
  • Haneda airport was pretty cool




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