A quick update!

I just got back from a month long stint of holidays. I am back to work for a couple of weeks now but things were pretty hectic and so I hadn’t had time to post anything. I have however been looking through my photos and had done some editing. I will definitely start  posting about my holidays very soon!

Here’s a quick sneak peak on my holiday.

Basically I went back to Malaysia and the first thing I did was to attend my best friend’s wedding at The Andaman in Langkawi. It was lots of fun and I’ve missed spending time with her and her family. I’ve also stayed in the hotel that she held her wedding at and the hotel (true to its price) was fantastic!


After Langkawi, we’ve spent a couple of days in KL (my hometown) with our family. It’s good to be home. We’re constantly being fed…. Nonstop… by friends and family. But, to curb my cravings, we went for lunch in Bangsar’s famous Indian Banana Leaf rice after a haircut!


I also managed to squeeze in a couple of days in Penang where my husband’s family hometown is. We stuffed ourselves crazy and walked it off by looking at lots and lots of murals around Penang. I must say a small part of Penang has turned itself into a rather artsy/hipster-ish place. There’s a lot of cafes sprouting and many street arts and art pieces by local artists being put up.

Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)

And then, it was Chinese New Year in KL with the family. Being married just end of 2014 and not celebrating CNY in KL last year means that this was the first CNY for me to celebrate it with the hub’s family. I did go back to my parents but CNY feels a bit different now. Still stuffed ourselves crazy, so at least, that hasn’t changed….


Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)
Photography by Pei (experimentsbypei.com)

On the third day of CNY, we flew ourselves to Japan!! That’s probably th most exciting part of the month off in my case as it’s my first time to Japan after dreaming about going there since I was 14. Spent half of the trip in Tokyo, and the other half in Kyoto. We did also squeeze in a day trip to Osaka and Nara and that was fun too!


The finale of the month was attending my brother’s wedding held in Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. You can say it was a very hectic day for me as I tried my best to keep everything on time and according to schedule. It was great to spend time with the family though as I don’t often get to do that anymore.

Like I said, this is going to be a very short post. I will update more and in more specific on my trip very soon so stay tuned! 🙂


Keep Experimenting,



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