A day’s trip to Wilsons Promontory: Tidal River and Squeaky Beach

Our Wilsons Promontory day trip continues on at Tidal River. Tidal river is kinda like the main “town” for the park. It has a few cabins, a caravan parking lot, a cafe that sells basic food like sandwiches and hot chips, a public toilet, an information centre and there’s also an outdoor cinema for those who stayed on for the night. It is also the place you have to go to get the shuttle bus to Mt. Oberon’s trail during the peak seasons (April – easter break; and December – Xmas break). So you can imagine how packed it is at Tidal River during the peak seasons. Finding a parking space was pretty challenging. My advice would be to reach there early to get a parking spot. I can’t imagine being the one not being able to get a parking space because if you think about it, most ppl will be there for the whole day and those that have already parked probably won’t budge for a while.


After our hike at Mt. Oberon, we got back to Tidal River via the shuttle bus and it was already close to 3PM. We were starving by then. Not knowing what’s there to offer at the cafe, I’ve made sandwiches from home for a picnic. Tidal river was actually the perfect spot for a picnic. We chose a spot near the bbq pits, under a tree overlooking the river. It’s great being out there. I seldom do picnics, I admit. I think I should do more from now on. It was really relaxing.



I can see why Tidal River was a family favourite. The river is wide enough to do a couple of activities. You can swim in the river, you can kayak in the river, there’s even some who brought their floats and float along the river. I can definitely see myself coming back here for a weekend doing just that. I think this is what a holiday should be. Carefree, away from technologies and enjoy nature and peace with the company of your loved ones.


Due to time constraints, we didn’t spend a lot of time at tidal river. My brother’s gf was flying off that night to Singapore and we had to rush back to the city by dinner time. So we decided to do a really quick stop at Squeaky beach before we leave. Squeaky beach, aptly named because apparently the type of sand it has on that beach makes a squeaky sound when you rub against them. Hence, when you walk on the beach, it actually squeaks. We were very excited to hear the squeaks ourselves. To our dismay, it didn’t squeak for us. 😦 Wasn’t too sure if what could have affected its squeakiness that day. We tried listening to it really closely, we tried with our feet and hands, we tried on dry sands vs wet sands…nope! Didn’t squeak. We were convinced that we were conned by our friends and colleagues. lol.


That being said, the beach was actually pretty darn awesome. Not only the sand are white it was sooooooo soft! It was the most perfect sand you can ask for on a beach. We often get pretty coarse sand nearer to the city. I wasn’t even expecting this but the sand here is by far, the best sand I’ve stepped on! I’m not exaggerating. I promise.


There were a few campers who had set up their tents along the beach. What a great idea! It would have been so cool to either catch the sunrise or sunset by the beach, and while you’re at it, you can capture a time-lapse video or take long exposure photos of the sky at night. Just thinking about it made me excited! I’m really interested in learning astrophotography but I can’t really capture those while living in the city. I don’t even have a car to drive out of the city whenever I want to. I guess that’s something I’ll have to get on doing.


The waves here are pretty strong too, but not overwhelming. I think it’ll be a good place to learn surfing for beginners. It was just sooooo beautiful. Blue sky, white sandy beach, blue/turquoise seawater… perfect beach! It was however, a little cold that day to be honest. With a top of 25C, the water temperature was pretty low. However, after soaking our feet in the water for a few minutes, your body actually slowly starts to get used to it and I eventually didn’t even feel the cold anymore.


After spending an hour in the water, we started our journey back to the city. It was a short trip. I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend coming here if you plan to visit Victoria in the summer. It will be quieter perhaps in spring with better weather for hiking as it could get really hot in the summer. However, summer is perfect for the beaches. Hopefully we are able to come back again very soon and stay for a couple of nights, hike several trails and spend more time at the beach.


For information on my hike to Mt. Oberon summit, please visit my Mt. Oberon hike post. (<–click)

Visited: 28 December 2015

All photos taken and edited by me on a Nikon D7000 camera, Tokina 11-16mm lens.


Till the next post,

Keep experimenting!! – Pei-





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